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The History of a Secret
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Delicate Wedding
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Recent Updates

2/4/14 - Elixir of Flesh is available at Amazon
12/1/13 - Aresan Clan is being published on Jukepop Serials
10/30/12 - The History of a Secret added to Amazon Kindle Book Store
7/2/12 - Redesigned homepage. Added chapter 20 of Vampire Wares.
6/30/12 - Moved the site to a new domain,, and Vampire Wares is complete through chapter 19.
3/11/12 - I've completed through Chapter 8 of my serial novel Vampire Wares.
1/27/12 - Redesigned the Vampire Wares section.
1/23/12 - Put Chapters of Vampire Wares so far completed in Works in Progress section.
1/2/12 - Started serial novel "Vampire Wares", which is being published on my blog.
10/20/11 - Added link to Delicate Wedding, uploaded to Kindle store
3/31/11 - Added a section of story fragments that readers can take and build upon.