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The History of a Secret

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Vampire Wares

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Serial Novels

The Aresan Clan

The Mr. Eberling's Son

The Fatma Stories
Fatma, the Fruit Seller

Episode 1
Episode 2

Fatma, the Belly Dancer

Episode 3
Episode 4


A Gathering in the City
The Battle Prologue
The Night Out
The Secluded Conversation
The Dark City
The Lodger


(Just Recently I:)
No More Whiskey More for Me
(I'll wrape me with her exotic thighs,)
(Floating in the sea that flows through the sky)
(The rain was secret falling down so small)
(When your kisses drip onto my lips)
(I adore the rain no more than when it floods)
(Even my heart has its seasons)
In the Season of White Light Falling through Night
(Her tiny fingertips)
(The streets are slippery)
(The night is at its dawn)
(The sky is just an illusion of the day,)
(She thinks a muse should've hidden wings,)
(I dream too much and sleep too late,)
(My tiny room is filled with mazeways when I wake – )
(It's shrill, it's shrill; becoming still.)
(Little Spirals filled with dusk)
(I watch the moon through silhouette bowers,)
(The sun has still some drifting away,)
(Just like nature I love to hide,)
(I had a dream of swans with wings,)
I climbed a mountain to see the sky,)
Today Began my 96th Season
(I have two eyes for eyes with wings,)
(The night is just about to rise,)
(A petal-palm with a dewdrop gift,)
To His Tomb-Maker
To His Tomb-Maker (2)
(I've a scarf to hold back the winter,)
(Oh where were you Eternity)
(Careless sunrise is a foolish)
(You say to me: it’s silence makes you cringe,)
Maybe Tomorrow
(The sun is falling early and rising late.)
(Her lips are heavy,)
(Spray me with a sprit of sadness)
Upon Julia's Unlacing Herself
Upon a Virgin Kissing a Rose
When He Would Have His Verses Read
His Own Epitaph
Study in oo